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Call for proposals for Nordic Research Networks in Preparedness and Resilience

Available call budget: NOK 21 million.

Deadline: 5 September 2024 13:00 CEST

In an era marked by unprecedented global challenges, with changing and tense geopolitical situations, climate crises, economic uncertainty, accelerating technological change and an increasing spread of mis- and disinformation, the importance of preparedness and resilience research cannot be overstated.

Societies worldwide face multifaceted threats requiring comprehensive strategies for resilience and response, also in the Nordic region.

In this context, NordForsk launches a call for research networks specifically dedicated to contributing with research-based knowledge, emphasizing the critical need for interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial collaboration and evidence-based policy recommendations.

Aim of the call and thematic framework

The overall aim of the call is to support research networks that can provide a broad knowledgebase for strengthening Nordic preparedness and resilience to future crises, including the management of responses. Informed policy responses to crises and disasters rely on robust evidence generated through research. The call will support scientifically excellent and relevant Nordic research networks on preparedness and resilience, contributing to empirical, theoretical, and methodological advancements essential for evidence-based policy formulations and practices at local, regional, national, and international levels. We ask the research networks to provide knowledge and potential suggestions for solutions for policy makers.

Preparedness challenges are inherently multidimensional, requiring insights from diverse fields to develop holistic solutions. Similarly, preparedness and resilience research encompass a broad spectrum of disciplines, methodologies, and approaches aimed at enhancing the capacity of individuals, communities, and institutions to anticipate, respond to, and recover from various hazards and emergencies. The call therefore encourages collaboration across disciplines, fostering synergies that yield innovative approaches and comprehensive strategies which can identify best practices, assess policy effectiveness, and facilitate cross-border learning.

The call strongly encourages collaboration between research and key actors in preparedness and resilience, supporting the link between research, policy, and practice. Co-design and co-creation of knowledge ensures the relevance, applicability, and sustainability of research outcomes, and proposals should demonstrate a commitment to engaging stakeholders throughout the research process, including vulnerable communities, policymakers, emergency responders, businesses, and civil society organizations.

To reach the objectives described above, the call will support:

  • cross- or interdisciplinary approaches, comprising experts and knowledge from diverse fields, such as natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, engineering, and public health.
  • cross-sectorial perspectives, where the research integrates perspectives from different sectors of society.
  • collaboration with key actors outside of academia (early and continuous collaboration, co-creation), such as policy makers, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and business partners.
  • comparative research approaches analysing the varying preparedness and resilience practices in the Nordic countries, assessing policy effectiveness, and identifying best practice.


Applicants are invited to submit proposals for networking projects within the scope of the call. The available call budget is NOK 21 million, and each network can apply for up to NOK 3 million. Each research network must provide resources equalling twice the amount of funding sought from NordForsk. The own contribution can be cash or in-kind as long as the expenses are necessary for implementation of the co-operation.

Please note that NordForsk may make changes to the call text until 6 weeks before the deadline. Any such changes will be stated clearly.


In order to see all information about the call, you need to read the full call text.

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Deadline for joining the contact list is 15 August 2024.

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Bodil Aurstad. Photo: NordForsk

Bodil Aurstad

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