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Sustainable Development of the Arctic: Call for pre-proposals

Aims of the call

The main aim of the call is to support research collaboration among participating countries in the Arctic region to bring forward new knowledge on how to ensure the sustainable development of the Arctic. The objective is to jointly fund interdisciplinary research projects of the highest international quality, with potential for impact and societal relevance, and with clear added value from multilateral collaboration.

The call has no thematic priorities, but three keywords can inspire applicants when developing their research ideas into proposals: Security, Natural Resources, and/or Societal Changes.

In addition, the following aims are central to the call:

  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Sustainable development
  • Arctic Added Value
  • Indigenous perspectives

International project partners

All project consortia must include partners from research-performing organisations in at least three Nordic countries.

If the project owner is a research organisation in the USA or Canada, the project must appoint a co-host organisation from one of the Nordic countries with which NordForsk enters into a contract concerning the Nordic part of the project.

Funding and budget

This two-stage call is announced as a collaborative effort between the Research Council of Norway, the Research Council of Finland, the Swedish Research Council, FORMAS – Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development, the Independent Research Fund Denmark, the Research Council Faroe Islands, the Greenland Research Council, the Icelandic Centre for Research, with funding from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, the U.S. National Science Foundation (USA), the Canada Research Coordinating Committee (Canada), and NordForsk.

Please note that project leaders and project partners from the USA and Canada need to ensure that pre-proposals fulfil the national eligibility criteria from the respective research funding organisation (U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), USA or the New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF), Canada).

These come in addition to the general eligibility criteria described below and apply to all applicants. Applicants from the USA and Canada are required to contact their national contact points and are advised to do so in the early phases of the proposal preparations.

  • Available budget for Nordic partners: up to NOK 190 million
  • Amount of funding that may be sought for Nordic partners in a project: 18-24 million NOK
  • Available budget for Canadian partners: up to 20 million CAD
  • Amount that may be sought for Canadian partners in a project: 2.5-4 million CAD
  • Amount that may be sought for US partners in a project: Dependent on specific programme guidelines

Important: In order to see all information about the call, you need to read the full call text.

See also: How to apply


We receive a large number of enquiries about this call. We have published a Q&A with answers to frequently asked questions, and we strongly encourage you to review these before submitting any queries to us.

See the Arctic Q&A

Webinar and contact list

NordForsk hosted an online webinar on 19 March 2024.

The webinar was aimed at researchers interested in the call, provided insights into the themes of the call and the NordForsk application process.

See a recording of the webinar

Contact list:
Would you like to connect with other researchers interested in the call? If so, you can join our contact list. Simply sign up and complete a brief form, and you will be added to a list where your information will be shared with other researchers.

Contact list is closed: Deadline for signing up for the contact list was 25 May 2024.


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