NordForsk facilitates and provides funding for Nordic research cooperation and research infrastructure.

More than 2 640 researchers involved in 323 Nordic research projects 2009-2018

During the past ten years, NordForsk has contributed with NOK 2124 million to Nordic reseach cooperation by funding 323 research projects, shows a new report. The largest percentage of funding has gone to research within Medical and Health Sciences and Natural and Social Sciences.

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  1. Humanities and social sciences
  2. Health, welfare and medicine
  3. Natural sciences, mathematics, technology
  4. Large-scale initiatives


NOK 87 million in funding to seven Nordic-British migration projects


NordForsk received a full 218 applications in response to its call for proposals under the Joint Nordic-UK research programme on Migration and Integration. In the final funding decision, NordForsk has awarded a total of NOK 87 million to seven research projects. The funding is provided by the Academy of Finland, the Swedish Research Council, Forte of Sweden, the Research Council of Norway, The Icelandic Centre for Research - RANNÍS, and the Economic and Social Research Council, part of UK Research and Innovation and NordForsk. “The high number of grant applications illustrates that migration and integration is an important thematic area and a research field of great interest to the research community. The participation of research groups in the UK has the added effect of internationalising Nordic research,” explains Arne Flåøyen, Director of NordForsk.

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33 project proposals submitted in response to call targeting Nordic research infrastructure collaboration


The plan is to fund five or six infrastructure consortia or hubs. The decision regarding which projects that will be awarded funding will be made late spring 2020.

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NordForsk expands research on societal security


Societal security is high on the agenda at the annual Session of the Nordic Council taking place this week in Stockholm. Since 2013 NordForsk has provided funding to a total of nine research projects to generate new knowledge about the challenges facing the Nordic countries ahead, and roughly four new research projects are on the way. The total programme budget is NOK 162 million.

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NordForsk facilitates and provides funding for Nordic research cooperation and research infrastructure.