NordForsk facilitates and provides funding for Nordic research cooperation and research infrastructure.

NOK 25 million to new Nordic Centre of Excellence in research on teaching quality in Nordic classrooms

The Nordic programme on educational research, Education for Tomorrow, is now entering its second phase. In this phase, NordForsk will fund a new Nordic Centre of Excellence which will focus on teaching quality in Nordic classrooms. The new centre is a collaboration between Nordic researchers.

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Delicate balance between anonymity and law enforcement


The ability to remain anonymous can be a matter of life and death for those involved in a fight for democracy. But it can also serve as a tool for criminals, who use the “darknet” for their activities. This poses challenges in police investigations. Over the next four years, NordForsk will be providing SEK 13 million to the research project “Police Detectives on the TOR-network”, a collaborative effort between the Norwegian Police University College, Stockholm University, Northumbria University Newcastle and the Open University in the Netherlands. The project will compare the everyday reality of law enforcement operations with both the forensic requirements for an investigation and the legal requirements for obtaining information properly in accordance with the statutory framework.

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Saving Arctic climate data


More and more climate data is being collected. While the large amounts of data certainly provide a better basis for precisely measuring changes in the global climate, it is often challenging to collect, process and store such volumes so the data can be of benefit to other researchers. The Nordic Centre of Excellence eSTICC is looking to solve this problem in a project that will enable climate scientists and computer experts to work together closely.

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New report: Education for Tomorrow – policy implications from phase 1


The Education for Tomorrow programme was initiated by NordForsk in 2013. This report summarises the key research findings from the six projects in the first phase of the programme as well as their implications for educational policies in the Nordic countries.

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NordForsk facilitates and provides funding for Nordic research cooperation and research infrastructure.