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Life after childhood cancer

The number of cancer survivors among children and young people in the Nordic region has never been greater, but little is known about the challenges this patient group faces in the aftermath of cancer treatment. Survivors of childhood cancer may experience difficulty concentrating, fatigue or depression due to various late effects from the disease and the treatment, and also have an increased risk for a wide array of other diseases. More knowledge is needed about the impacts of childhood cancer on subsequent education, working life and family life. With the help of Nordic health registries, the NordForsk-funded SALiCCS project is taking steps to learn more.

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Concerted effort to develop personalised medicine


Major advancements in many fields now make it possible to personalise medical treatment. Still, there are too few products facilitating this in practice, particularly when it comes to treatment that patients themselves carry out at home. The Nordic POP project is looking to change this. “Our goal is to develop pharmaceutical products and technological solutions of the future, where personalised medical treatment is the common link,” says Professor Ingunn Tho of the Nordic POP project and the University of Oslo School of Pharmacy.

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Nordic Bioethics conference in Copenhagen


The Nordic Committee on Bioethics recently organised the conference "Bioethics of clinical innovation and unproven methods" in collaboration with Centre for Legal Studies in Welfare and Market at the University of Copenhagen. How are clinical innovations and unproven methods developed and introduced in western Nordic health-care systems? What is the legal and regulatory environment concerning unproven methods in medicine? What ethical principles should guide work on emerging treatments and experimentation in hospitals? These three questions were addressed in separate sessions in a day of fruitful discussions.

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Increasing engagement in Nordic research funding collaboration


“NordForsk’s new Open Invitation mechanism will play a key role in our future success,” says Lars Kloo, the new Chair of the NordForsk Board. He foresees increased involvement among Nordic research funders when the new mechanism is put into use.

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NordForsk facilitates and provides funding for Nordic research cooperation and research infrastructure.
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