How our activities are funded

NordForsk’s activities are funded by allocations over Nordic and national budgets.

NordForsk receives an annual basic allocation of roughly DKK 120 million from the Nordic Council of Ministers. NordForsk’s budget is set in the annual budget negotiations in the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

During the development of NordForsk activities we obtain additional funding from national sources, primarily the research councils in the Nordic countries. One-third of our activities are financed with Nordic funds and two-thirds with national funds. 

The Nordic and national funding is consolidated in a "common pot" under each NordForsk research programme.

Common Pot

The common pot is a form of financing in which the funding contributed by each country is combined in a shared pool. The funding is then granted to the research projects deemed to be of highest scientific quality after peer-review assessment.

The allocation system is often described as a "real common pot with no fair return", meaning that funding is allocated to the best projects regardless of how much funding each country has contributed to the pot.