Governance and structure


Professor Gunnel Gustafsson is the Director of NordForsk.

Gunnel Gustafsson 3 web, av T.Heiestad

Gunnel Gustafsson served on the NordForsk board from the organisation's formation in 2005 until she took the position of Director in 2010.

She holds a professorship in Political Science and is a former Deputy Director General of the Swedish Research Council.

Contact information

Telephone: +47 469 51 044

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The NordForsk Board

The NordForsk board is appointed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and has the overall responsibility for the operations of NordForsk. The board is responsible for the organisation's strategy, economy and personell policy - within the framework set by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The NordForsk Board includes representatives of the largest national research funding agencies in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, a representative for Nordic University Cooperation (NUS), as well as observers from the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Åland and the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

The chairmanship of the NordForsk Board circulates among the board members. 

National research councils

Kristin Danielsen - Chair
Director, International staff, The Research Council of Norway
Postboks 564, 1327 Lysaker, Norway
Tel: +47 92 02 82 29

Eva Björck - Vice Chair
Secretary General, Committee for Educational Sciences, The Swedish Research Council
Box 1035, SE-101 38 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 (8) 546 44 003
E-mail: Web:

Riitta Maijala
Vice President for Research, Academy of Finland
Hakaniemenranta 6, PO BOX 131, FI-00531 Helsinki, Finland
Tel: +358 295 335 000

Ragnhildur Helgadóttir
Dean, Reykjavik University
Menntavegi 1 IS-101 Reykjavík, Iceland
Tel: +354 5996282

Gitte Agerhus
Head of office, Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation
Bredgade 40, 1260 KBH, Denmark
Tel: + 45 7231 8250


Vidar Leif Haanes
Rector, Norwegian School of Theology
Gydas vei 4, Postboks 5144 Majorstuen, 0302 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 22 59 05 40


Faroe Islands

Annika Sølvará
Director, Granskingarrád Føroya/The Faroese Research Council
Bryggjubakki 12, Postbox 259, 110 Tòrshavn, The Faroe Islands
Tel: +298-567800


Josephine Nymand
Chairman of the Greenland Research Council
Postbox 1029, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland
Tel: +299 361234


Jonas Waller
Rector, Åland University of Applied Sciences
PB 1010, 22111 Mariehamn, Åland
Tel: +358 457 345 3981

Nordic Council of Ministers

Anders Geertsen
Head of the Department of Knowledge and Welfare (KV)
Ved Stranden 18, DK-1255 København
Tel: +45 33 96 02 00

Policy documents


The statutes are determined by the Nordic Council of Ministers and govern NordForsk's activities.

NordForsk Strategy

Strategy for the period 2015-2015.

Open Access Mandate

Nordic Council of Ministers' mandate on Open Access to publications.

Gender Policy

The aim of the gender policy is to make visible how gender awareness improves the quality of Nordic research and research collaboration. Both gender balance among researchers and gender perspectives on research topics increase the quality of research and of policy decisions with implications for society.

Policy on Open Access

NordForsk has adopted the Science Europe principles for Open Access to research publications.

Guidelines on Impartiality

These guidelines are made to ensure that NordForsk employees, experts and members of the institution's governing and advisory bodies remain impartial and are perceived as being impartial. Furthermore, these guidelines are designed to promote confidence in decisions made by NordForsk.