Research Training Course: Analytic and Continental Social Philosophy

The course is designed to update the knowledge of the Nordic and Baltic researchers in selected areas of contemporary philosophy, such as global and Confucian ethics, and varieties of responsibilities.

Time and place


Estonian Institute of Humanities, Tallinn University, Estonia 10.04.2011 to 17.04.2011

Contact person


+358 9 191 29287

This course is arranged by the Baltic Philosophy Network (BalPhiN) in co-operation with Estonian Institute of Humanities (Tallinn University, Estonia).

The main themes of the course will be the question of "Responsibility Between Us (entre nous)", cosmopolitanism and expansion of moral circle(s), non-Western patterns of philosophical thinking, and epistemology and phenomenology of history. One of the central goals of the course is blurring the distinction between analytic and continental philosophy, and recognition of systems of though outside this dichotomous distinction. The course consists of six days of intensive classes under the tutelage of the following lecturers:

  • Prof. David Carr (Emory University)
  • Prof. Nigel Dower (University of Aberdeen)
  • Prof. Henry Rosemont (Brown University)
  • Prof. Hugh J. Silverman (Stony Brook University)

All costs (including course material, travel by the cheapest alternative, and full accommodation) for 3 participants from each Nordic BalPhiN partner institution will be covered by the NordForsk grant. Other students can participate in the course for free and have to cover all the relevant costs themselves.

This course is primarily intended for the Baltic Philosophy Network (BalPhiN) doctoral students and young researchers (at the post doc. level). Applicants have to submit a free-form letter of application to the contact person at their home institution. Application deadline is March 25, 2011. Notification will be given by March 30, 2011.

Credits: 7 ECTS

Deadline for applications: 25.03.2011

Further information: BalPhiN Program Coordinator Liuda Kocnovaite, University of Helsinki,