Circular economy – Increasing competitiveness and contributing to sustainability

The Nordic Climate Action Weeks in Stockholm is the Nordic backdoor to the UN climate negotiations #COP25 held in Madrid. This is a joint event organised with Nordic Innovation.

Time and place


Norrsken, Stockholm 12.12.2019 from 15:30 to 16:30

Increasing competitiveness and contributing to sustainability are just two of the reasons why interest in circular economy is growing worldwide. In a linear economy, materials are extracted, turned into products and disposed of after a relatively short use phase. In a circular economy, on the other hand, more use is made of materials and products, whilst benefits for the economy, society and the environment are created. This has the potential to create sustainability benefits and to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal number 12 “Responsible Production and Consumption.”

To help manufacturing companies transition to a more circular economy, researchers and more than hundred Nordic companies have joined forces in the CIRCit Norden (read more here) project to develop a set of tools, methods and guidelines to address circular economy in early design phase of products. Professor Tim McAloone, DTU, is the head of CIRCit Norden and will present research results from the project and discuss how we can pave the way for circular economy with a panel of entrepreneurs.

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