Research Training Course: Educational Sciences

Time and place


University of Stavanger 05.06.2013 to 06.06.2013

Contact person


Course objective and content

Learning outcome

The course will provide the participants with the following learning outcomes:


  • Wide knowledge of the field of Educational Sciences, its constructions and developments.


  • To relate the doctoral project to the field of Educational sciences
  • To handle complex academic issues, and critically analyse research within the field.

General competence

  • To identify and reflect upon ethical issues relating to research in Educational Sciences.


While the term Educational Sciences is well-established in English, the corresponding Norwegian term (Utdanningsvitenskap) is fairly new. The course will present different approaches to the construction of the Educational sciences field. The content of the course is organised into three main topics: (i) The Educational sciences field; a European perspective, (ii) Nordic perspectives on Educational sciences, (iii) Research status and challenges.

Coursework requirement

As a seminar style course with discussions of reading material and student presentations, active participation is required.

Method of work

The course runs over two days. Different forms of study include lectures, discussions and student presentations. Whenever there are non-Scandinavian speakers present, working language will be English. Whenever only Scandinavian speakers are assembled, Norwegian/Scandinavian may apply.

Credits: 3 ECTS

Deadline for applications: 25 May

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