Governance of research in response to Grand Challenges in the future European Research landscape

The seminar will be organised in Brussels in conjunction with NordForsk’s Board meeting the following day.

Time and place


Brussels 28.02.2012

Contact person


+47 905 37 041

Europe is today faced with a diverse set of environmental and societal challenges. Both their problems and solutions seem interlinked. Only by addressing major societal challenges can Europe boost its productivity and generate long-term growth.

Grand Challenges responding research potentially produces knowledge that can turn societal challenges into opportunities and progress. Therefore, there is widespread support in Europe for Grand challenges responding research to be a main priority in the future European Research Landscape. A challenges-based approach is needed to bring together resources from different fields, technologies and disciplines.

The seminar will shed light on inter alia the following issues:

  • In the context of the knowledge triangle of research, innovation and education: How could the fragmentation of research and innovation in Europe be overcome? What are the bottlenecks in Europe's research system for the realization of a single market for research and innovation in Europe – needed to address the major societal challenges?
  • How can the societal challenges of our times be concretized in an operational way, and how could they be coherently addressed in the future ERA Framework (in particular through the Joint Programming Initiatives) and Horizon 2020?
  • What is needed for Europe to implement its scientific cooperation agreements with third countries, in support of ERA’s international dimension?

Vice-chair of the ERAC, Bjarne Kirsebom, will participate in the seminar, and the chairs of the five ERAC working groups are invited to present Grand Challenges responding research in light of the work within their respective groups. In addition, Nordic research cooperation with regard to Grand Challenges will be presented and discussed. The seminar will gather high level representatives of the Nordic countries’ permanent representations to the EU, research and innovation financing agencies from the Nordic countries, and members of the NordForsk Board.

Participation by invitation.