Part-Time Work in the Nordic Region

Women work part time more than men – which economic consequences do they face?

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Stockholm 22.10.2013

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Part-time work is common in the Nordic countries, especially among women. In Norway, about 41 per cent of all employed women work part time, and part-time work is common in female-dominated professions. The situation is similar across the Nordic region, with the exception of Finland, where 19 per cent of the women work part-time.

NIKK (Nordic Information on Gender) has been asked to conduct a Nordic study on part-time work and economic allocation in the short and long term. Besides income differences, the study will focus on pensions. The results will be presented at this conference arranged by NIKK in cooperation with the Swedish presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 22. The study will also be presented in a report and on NIKK’s website.

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