Gender equality education in Iceland: Challenges and opportunities six years after the radical new curriculum

Professor Ingólfur Ásgeir Jóhannesson, School of Education, University of Iceland (

In this presentation, there is a discussion and evaluation of the gender equality education policy in the national curriculum that was stipulated in 2011 for pre-, compulsory, and upper secondary schools in Iceland with a subject matter addition for compulsory schools in 2013.

The talk describes in detail the nature of the gender equality policy that appears in the so-called fundamental pillars of education for all school levels, as well as it is evaluated how gender equality education policy in other parts of the curriculum is compatible with the policy in the pillar section.

The talk goes on to discuss several subsequent initiatives in gender equality education. This part focuses on how gender studies seem to flourish in the upper secondary schools, as well as it includes an evaluation of selected textbooks from the Directorate of Education and others.