Parallel thematic sessions, part I

Tuesday 7 February from 10.15-12.00

Theme 1: Vocational education and skills formation 


  • The future of vocational education – learning from the Nordic countries (tbc.)
    Education for Tomorrow programme, NordVET project
  • Decomposing cross-country differences in skills – evidence from the Nordic countries [abstract]
    Senior researcher Karsten Albæk, The Danish National Centre for Social Research
    Adults’ reading activities: lifelong informal literacy learning [abstract]
    Senior lecturer Sari Sulkunen, University of Jyväskylä
    Education for Tomorrow programme, SASLA project 
  • Adult learning, vocational skills and labour market outcomes
    Researcher Anna Hagen Tønder, Fafo
    FINNUT programme

Theme 2: Policy and Governance  


    • Nordic fields of higher education. Structures and transformations of organisation and recruitment (tbc.)
      Education for Tomorrow programme, NFHE project 
    • Legal standards and professional judgment in school leadership
      Prof. Jorunn Møller, University of Oslo
      FINNUT programme 
    • School choice policies and practices in Finnish comprehensive schooling [abstract]
      Dr. Sonja Kosunen, University of Helsinki and professor Piia Seppänen, University of Turku
      Education for Tomorrow programme, JustEd NCoE
    • Organizing education with the market as a model: Sweden and some Nordic outlooks
      Prof. Lisbeth Lundahl, Umeå University
      Education for Tomorrow programme, JustEd NCoE 

    Theme 3: Justice and Equality and Values 


    • Qualification and social inclusion in upper secondary VET – Longitudinal studies on gendered education and marginalized groups
      Reseacher Kristinn Hegna, Oslo and Akershus university college of applied science
      FINNUT programme
    • The value of efficiency – conflicting discourses in educators’ talk about everyday practices in the cloakroom [abstract]
      Førsteamanuensis Anita Berge, University of Stavanger
      The valuable index-finger [abstract]
      Førsteamanuensis Berit Tofteland, University of Stavanger 
      Education for Tomorrow programme, ValuEd project 
    • Learning spaces for inclusion and social justice: Success stories from immigrant students and school communities in four Nordic countries (tbc.)
      Education for Tomorrow programme, Learning Spaces project