Nordic Grand Challenge Research Programme on eScience in Health and Social Preconditions for Health

This event is organised as part of the planning of the NeGI research programme on eScience in Health and Social Preconditions for Health.

Time and place


Park Inn Hotel, Gardermoen airport, Norway 15.11.2012 08:00 to 16.11.2012 16:00

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This event is organised as part of the planning of the NeGI research programme on eScience inHealth and Social Preconditions for Health. Main goals are:

  •  Discuss potential directions for the Nordic Programme and provide input to the process of setting up the more detailed call text. The plan is that the NeGI Steering Committee will decide on the call text at their meeting November 30 2012.
  •  Provide a forum where researchers from the different fields can meet and initiate further discussions on future collaboration.

Participation is limited to 40 individuals.

For participation – Contact NeGI October 31 by the latest

Please send an e-mail to if you are interested to participate. Please include a very short description (one-two sentences) on your research area and your research team. Based on these e-mails a number of participants will be invited to register. The eScience initiative will strive for broad representation regarding research areas, as well as national distribution. Thus each accepted activity/group will have a limited number of participants (preliminary. 2 each).

The eScience initiative will fund food (and also if needed) lodging at Park Inn Hotel, but participants cover their own travel costs.


The Nordic countries together possess unique sources of information from national registries, health surveys and biobanks. Well-developed population and health data registers covering the whole population have been in operation for decades. Combining these sources across national boundaries by use of modern eScience tools will provide unique opportunities for research exploitation also in combination with biobanks and modern technology for molecular analysis.

The Nordic eScience Globalisation Initiative has allocated approximately 40 MNOK to set up 1-2 Nordic Centres of Excellence performing research on methods and tools for advanced data integration, data analysis, modelling and simulation for research related to health and social preconditions for health, with a special focus on exploiting register, bio-bank and molecular data in the Nordic countries.  A main feature of the supported eScience research efforts is that they should be founded on tight interaction between topical eScience research and research on more generic eScience tools and methods, including groups from both the topical research fields and computer science/scientific computing/applied mathematics/statistics.

The research should involve development of new theories, models, methods, algorithms and/or software addressing major problems in the topical fields with the goal of producing new research results and research possibilities in the topical fields within and after the project period.

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