Nordic PerMed Workshop

Nordic PerMed aims at promoting innovations related to the implementation of personalised medicine for citizens and health care systems, and builds on strengths and synergies between the Nordic countries. Seven projects are funded under the call.

The workshop is by invitation only. Five to ten participants from each Nordic PerMed funded project are expected to participate in the workshop – including the project coordinator, team leaders and/or other key researchers, also from companies.

Aims for the workshop:

  • Create a shared vision and identity
  • Ensure successful management of transnational projects and Nordic added      value
  • Learn about RRI theory and practice
    • Establish a learning network between projects that will allow sharing of knowledge, competence and best practice
    • Introduce cross-cutting themes and potential areas for collaboration

The workshop will take place at Hurdalsjøen hotel. The workshop is free of charge, and lunches and dinner are included, as well as transportation by bus from the airport to the hotel (the bus leaves Oslo airport at 11.00 on the 17th, and return 13:30 and 16:00 on the 18th). Expenses for travel and accommodation are not included, but can be covered by the project funding.

We encourage projects to plan a project meeting in conjunction with the workshop. It will be possible to book small meeting rooms from 13.30-16.00 on the 18th of September. The Project Coordinator is responsible for indicating if a meeting room will be required and informing partners.




17.09.2019 11:00 to
18.09.2019 13:30
Registration deadline: 17.09.2019 - 08:00