PhD course: Early childhood education for tomorrow: Communication, interaction and values

"Early childhood education for tomorrow: Communication, interaction and values" is a PhD Course funded by NordForsk, involving a maximum of 20 PhD students. The course deals with values education in Nordic preschools.

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University of Stavanger 23.11.2015 to 27.11.2015

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Values education as a concept refers to educational practice through which children are assumed to learn values. Although a value perspective is embedded in the core curricula and legislation regarding ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care) in all of the Nordic countries, values education remains one of the most neglected areas.

While there is a strong focus on the subject areas and academic learning, there is a tendency to overlook values. The aim of this PhD-course is to deepen understanding of the institutionalized fostering of values according to theory, methodology, and empirical research.

Who can attend? The course is open to PhD candidates and research fellows within the Educational Sciences and related scientific fields in the Nordic countries. A maximum of 20 participants can join the course. If there are places available, PhD applicants from elsewhere may attend.

Offered by: Faculty of Arts and Education, Department of Early Childhood Education

Credits (ECTS): 5

Application deadline: 15 September 2015

A draught paper should be submitted together with the application to the course (by 15th of September 2015). A more developed draught is to be submitted within November 9, 2015. The full paper should be submitted within 2 weeks after the final seminar (December 14th, 2015).

Subject teacher(s):

  • Professor Jóhanna Einarsdóttir, University of Iceland
  • PhD, Senior researcher Anna-Maija Puroila, University of Oulu
  • PhD Anette Emilson, Linneus University
  • Professor Stig Broström, Ahrhus University
  • Professor Eila Estola, University of Oulu,
  • Professor Eva Johansson, University of Stavanger

Guest lecturers:

  • Professor Roberth Thornberg, Linköping University
  • Professor Ann-Christine Vallberg Roth Malmö University College

The course contents consists of three areas:

a) values connected to society and policy

b) values connected to educational practice including teacher- and child, and child-child interactions

c) values connected to gender- and ethnicity dimensions.

The draught papers produced by the students before the course will also be discussed, analysed and reviewed and thereby amount to the thematic contents. The intention is to challenge students to examine critically theoretical frames, research and praxis.

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