The Ocean – part of our problems and solutions: Nordic views on climate, ocean and cryosphere

The Nordic Climate Action Weeks in Stockholm is the Nordic backdoor to the UN climate negotiations COP 25 held in Madrid. At this event participants get the chance to interact with and ask questions to ministers live from COP 25 in Madrid.

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Norrsken House, Stockholm, Sweden 09.12.2019 from 15:30 to 16:45

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The ocean provide us many services. Marine ecosystems provide important human nutrition and the ocean itself plays a key role in the climate system by uptake of excess heat and CO2. With this in mind, the Nordic countries are concerned about how climate change and ocean acidification are changing the marine environment in fundamental ways, with far-reaching implications for marine ecosystems, coastal communities and the ocean economy.

The theme of the day is Ocean, Air and Arctic Issues and this event organized with the Nordic Council of Ministers’ sub-working group on Ocean and Climate (HAVKLI).

The Nordic countries are already experiencing such changes and are aware that semi-enclosed seas and the Arctic Ocean are particularly at risk, implying that Nordic and Arctic Seas will be substantially affected in the near future. We will communicate how the Nordic countries are collaborating to face the challenges of mitigating the effects of global change on the oceans, in the North, the Arctic, and globally.

To ensure a sustainable use of the ocean, it is critical to limit impacts (mitigation) and understand and be prepared for the changes to come (adaptation). This will require changes at all societal levels from strong policies to citizen changes and acceptance. 


15.30 Welcome and movie-premier of "Nordic collaboration on ocean and climate featuring the Nordic Ministers of climate and environment and young Nordic voices".

15.40 Live streaming from the high-level Nordic Ocean and Climate event at COP25 in Madrid

  • Minister's for the Environment Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson (Iceland) and Ola Elvestuen (Norway),
  • Hans-Otto Pörtner, Co-Chair IPCC WGII and section head at Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Marine and Polar Research,
  • Lisa Koperqualuk, Inuit Circumpolar Council,
  • Helen Ågren, Ambassador for the Oceans,

16.10 The Ocean – a climate superhero!  Crash course in the role of the Ocean in the climate system with Marianne Olsen, the Nordic ocean and climate group and senior adviser Norwegian Environment Agency.

16.20 How can we make people more willing to act?  Sam Dupont, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences at University of Gothenburg and member of the Nordic Centre of Excellence for Sustainable and Resilient Aquatic Production.

16.30 What are the solutions? Discussion with the audience.

16.45 Programme ends.


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