Researcher networks

By financing researcher networks, NordForsk aims to bring together prominent research groups in the Nordic and Baltic countries in order to strengthen and increase the quality of research and research training.

The NordForsk Researcher networks should aim to:

  • establish joint research training in a given field
  • consolidate research as a basis for joint European or international projects, or to
  • strengthen a given field of research in order to establish an excellent researcher network.

A network may receive a maximum of NOK 900.000 over a period of up to three years.

The funding should primarily be spent on networking activities such as travel and meeting costs, use of infrastructure/equipment but not on purchasing equipment per se. Up to 25% of the grant may be used for collaborative partners outside the Nordic region.

It is important that PhD students and young researchers participate actively and that the networks results in constructive cooperation extending beyond the period of NordForsk financing.

No future calls are planned within this funding scheme.