Researcher networks

By financing researcher networks, NordForsk aims to bring together prominent research groups in the Nordic and Baltic countries in order to strengthen and increase the quality of research and research training.

The NordForsk Researcher networks should aim to:

  • establish joint research training in a given field
  • consolidate research as a basis for joint European or international projects, or to
  • strengthen a given field of research in order to establish an excellent researcher network.

A network may receive a maximum of NOK 900.000 over a period of up to three years.

The funding should primarily be spent on networking activities such as travel and meeting costs, use of infrastructure/equipment but not on purchasing equipment per se. Up to 25% of the grant may be used for collaborative partners outside the Nordic region.

It is important that PhD students and young researchers participate actively and that the networks results in constructive cooperation extending beyond the period of NordForsk financing.

No future calls are planned within this funding scheme.


Research Infrastructure Network for Nordic Atmospheric and Earth System Science (Nordic ENVRI)
Nordic CLARIN Network
NorIMM: Nordic Infrastructure for Mouse Models
Nordic Chemical Biology Consortium
Coordinated and enhanced usage of neutron and synchrotron techniques
Bridging Nordic Imaging - Enabling Discoveries from Atoms to Anatomy
Nordic Network of African Childhood and Youth Research (NoNACYR)
Norms and Narratives in the Nordic nations (NoNa)
Nordic Research Network on Marketisation in Eldercare
Nordic Network for Research Cooperation on Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (NordURM)
Nordic Cooperation Revisited
Nordic Research Network for Sound Studies
An interdisciplinary approach to atomistic design of new catalysts
Nordic Astrobiology Network
Nordic Autophagy Network
Non-coding RNAs: a paradigm shift in biology
Nordic Dynamic Biomembrane Research Network
Nordic Mitosis Network
Nordic Earthquake Researcher Network (Nordquake)
Scandinavian brown bear hibernation as a biological model for tissue protection, regeneration and repair in human medicine
Population genetics and intraspecific diversity of acquatic protists across habitats and eucaryotic clades (PRODIVERSA)
Nordic Researcher Network on Process Mineralogy and Geometallurgy (ProMinNet )
Nordic Network for Baltic Sea Remote Sensing (NordBaltRemS)
Nordic Research Network for Biocontrol and Pollination (BICOPOLL-NET)
Chromatin, Transcription, and Cancer
Future performance testing of pharmaceuticals
Nordic Network for Network Science
Nordic network for land use and land cover monitoring (Northscape)
Infrastructure research network Language and Perception
Viable Water Management and Governance for Futures (VIWAFU)
Stuttering Research and Education Network (STUREN)
Nordic Fields of Higher Education
Re-developing international theories of media and migration in a Nordic context (TheoryNord)
Research network on Nordic Populism (NOPO)
Nordic Research Network on Learning Across Contexts (NordLAC)
Rangifer Domus
Nordic Network for Digital Visuality (NNDV)
Phonological and lexical acquisition in mono- and bilingual children in the Nordic and Baltic states
Generations, Multiculturalism and Nordic identity
Methodological challenges in human rights research
Nordic Network of Kierkegaard Research
Diverse Teachers for Diverse Learners
Network for research on mathematics textbooks in the Nordic countries
Network for Researchers of Multilinguism and Multilingual Education (ROMME)
Nordic TEM network - NorTEMnet
Socio-Cognitive Perspectives on Early Judaism and Early Christianity
Refining lignocellulosics to advanced polymers and fibers - PolyRefNorth
Stay or go
Nordic Network for Research on Fluorinated Compounds
Interculturalism and Diversities: Developing intercultural models and thinking in the Nordic countries (IDIN)
Mapping the Mental Landscapes of Eurasia
RANGIFER HEALTH: Scientific and educational cooperation in reindeer health
NNIMIPA: Nordic Network for the Integration of Music Informatics, Performance and Aesthetics
Music, Culture, and Health
Random Geometry
NordSoft - Nordic Network in Soft Matter Physics
C.elegans researcher network of shared technology platforms
Register-Based Life Course Studies: Sociological, Demographic, and Economic Perspectives
Researching Music Censorship
NordSIR: Nordic network for Stable Isotope Research
Time-domain quantum processes studied by ultrafast radiation pulses
NORSED: Nordic Science Education Network
Gendering Asia Network
The Nordic Network for Philosophical Anthropology
BIOCOLD - Biotic response to climate change in cold climates
Translatio: Network for an Interdisciplinary Approach to Textual and Cultural Translation in the Middle Ages
Nordic Researcher Network on Trust in and between Organizations
CERES: Nordic network on Choices, Resources and Encounters in Russia and other European post-socialist states
Nordic Cilia and Centrosome Network
Comparative Lactation Biology
Nordic Pragmatism Network (NPN)
Integrative Fish Behavioural Neuroscience Network
Social Entrepreneurship Research Network for the Nordic Countries (SERNOC)
NENUN - Nordic Environmental NUcleotide Network
NordCrit: Nordic Research Network on Critical Perspectices on Children, Young People, Welfare and Education
Nordic Network for Literary Transculturation Studies
HEXAnord, HEalth teXt Analysis network in the Nordic and Baltic countries
The Culture of Ubiquitous Information
Nordic Seagrass Network (NSN)
Nordic Network on Political Ethics
Towards Multi-scale Modelling of the Atmospheric Environment (MUSCATEN)
Towards a common past?
Nordic Network for Marine Inventories and Modeling
Excellent Nordic Chemistry
Nordic Network for Ionic Clusters In The Atmosphere, NICITA
Scientific Drilling in the Nordic Countries
Nordic Research Network in Journalism Studies
Contemporary art and visual culture in education (CAVIC)
Nordic OSS Researchers Network
Complex-system approaches to space and laboratory plasmas
CONES (Center Of Nordic Excellence in Software engineering)
Operator algebra and dynamics
The Nordic Network in Dementia Diagnostics (NIDD)
N‘CLAV - Nordic collaboration on language variation studies
Nordic Network for Engineering Education Research (NNEER)
BIPE: Barents International Political Economy: Governance and Gender in Development
Teaching problem based learning in virtual environments
Fungi in boreal forest soils
Visions of Residential Futures: Housing in Transformation
Nordic research network for medical history: agendas of health and medical history
The Nordic Archaeal Network
Nordic Network for Aquatic Remote Sensing
Network for Saami Documentation and Revitalization
Nordic Network of Narrative Studies
Network: Children exposed to violence
Nordic Network on Species Range Dynamics (NORA)
Particle Physics and Cosmology: From the smallest Scale to the Largest
Nordic Network for German Idealism (NNGI)
Nordic International Migration and Ethnic Relations Network (NMR)
Nanospintronics - Theory and Simulation
Multidimentional Equality and Democratic Diversity (DEMDI)
Nordic Network for the Study of the Dialogic Communication of Research
Nordic PharmacoEpidemiological Network - NorPEN
Nordic Network of Mother Tongue Didactic Research (NNMF)
Nordic milk science initiative
Nordic and North/Central European Network of Cold War Researchers (NORCENCOWAR)
Nordic Network for Philosophy of Medicine and Medical Ethics
Nordic Environmental Law, Governance and Science Network (NELN+)
Nordic Network for Evolutionary Conservation Biology
Nordic-Baltic network for tick-borne pathogens
Youth and social exclusion: identity, learning and territorial stigmatisation
3M Identities in Motion Network
Nordic Environmental History Network (NEHN)
Nordic-Baltic BACCI network
Nordic Network for the Study of the Religious Roots of Europe
Nordnet - Transnational Tendencies and Nordic School Development
Mental health and evidence: linking research to practice
LEAF – Learning Ecosystems and Activities of the Future
The Nordic Research Network on the Mediatisation of Religion and Culture (MRC)
Nordic Network on Proteomics
MADFish - Molecular Adaptation in Fish
Nordic Mineralogical Network
Nordic Network on Visual Studies
Nordic Network of Women in Physics (NorWiP)
Network on Impact Research (NIR)
NordLing 1.5
Nordic Network of Avant-Garde Studies