Networks of National Research Schools

This funding scheme was used to strengthen the co-operation between national research schools in the Nordic countries. The objective was to encourage mutual exchanges of ideas and competencies, to promote mobility, and to strengthen the Nordic countries as a unified area for research training.

The concept “national research school" differs between the Nordic countries. However, it is often defined as a research school that has been chosen nationally to teach and supervise PhD students.

A national research school should have a clear organisation for research education and a strengthened PhD supervision.

A condition for funding was the opening up of courses to research students from other Nordic and Baltic countries.

No future calls are planned within this funding scheme.


Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (NIES)
The Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work (NBSW)
Nordic Network in Biological Informatics
CORPUS - The Bodily Turn: Gesture, Gender and Sensation of the Art