NORIA-net shall enhance coordination and cooperation between national research funding agencies and policy makers in the Nordic region. NORIA-net allows identification of areas of national priority that can be strengthened through Nordic cooperation.

What is NORIA-net?

NORIA-net is a coordination activity for the national and Nordic research funding agencies and policy makers, funded by NordForsk.

The results of a NORIA-net will either be directed towards the development of a common research policy for a given area - with possible joint Nordic initiatives in research policy and research funding - or the preparation of specific programmes and calls for proposals.

Joint Nordic calls and programmes

Some NORIA-nets promote strategic planning and design of joint Nordic programmes and calls, where the Nordic funding constitutes a supplement to the national. By cooperating in these areas, the participants in the Nordic countries can learn from each other for the development of better organisations.

Joint policy development

Other NORIA-nets collaborate to develop "best practices" in the national research funding agencies, for example with regard to referees/peer review systems, evaluation methods, cooperation with EU, Asia, etc.


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