Private Public Partnership (PPP) PhD

The PPP PhD Programme aims to increase knowledge exchange between the Nordic countries and promote collaboration between academia and industry. NordForsk funds PhD projects carried out in cooperation between a company, a PhD student and a university, where the company and the university are from various Nordic countries.

The aims are to:

  • enhance knowledge exchange and collaboration between industry and academia in order to form a basis for lasting Nordic research collaboration
  • offer Nordic PhD-students training in both sectors as well as the possibility to obtain complementary skills, by studying entrepreneurship and management of intellectual property rights (IPR)
  • offer enterprises the opportunity to make use of new research-based knowledge in innovation processes through strengthened research competence and collaboration with relevant academic communities

The project manager is the enterprise where the PhD student is employed. The PhD student has at least one supervisor from the enterprise and one from the university.

NordForsk covers up to 50% of the PhD student’s salary as well as costs related to travelling and participation in PhD courses etc. The other 50% part of the salary is covered by the enterprise. Funding is allocated for 3-4 years.


This financing instrument will not be used independently in future calls, but may be included as an element in other funding schemes.


An early molecular signature of diabetic nephropathy
Chitosan-based Carriers for Photochemical Internalisation in Cancer Therapy
Combating breast cancer by digital pathology
Combustion visualisation in large bore gas engines
Development and characterisation of novel models for studying osteoclasts
PhD research for industrialisation of thin films for fuel cell electrolytes
Homing of lymphocytes to and their function in the intestinal mucosa
Optimisation of a non-thermal plasma scrubber for reduction of odour emissions
Human embryonic stem cell-derived hepatocytes as in vitro pharmacokinetic model