Thematic programme

A thematic programme is a funding scheme that focuses on a defined subject area, aiming to create new scientific knowledge and knowhow.

Thematic programmes are designed to advance a certain field of research, raise its scientific standards, and create new scientific knowledge and knowhow.

The programmes are usually coordinated by a Steering Committee, which also seeks to integrate the different projects in the programme through joint coordination activities, e.g., programme meetings or joint researcher training activities. A thematic programme is scheduled to run for a set period of several years.

Each project in a thematic programme consists of research teams in at least three Nordic countries, with a joint research plan and joint project coordination.

Thematic programs are initiated in cooperation with the Nordic countries. The areas chosen for thematic programmes are areas that the collaborating partners wish to strengthen.

A programme may also have more specific ambitions, such as developing policy advise, researcher training, using research in the development of new solutions, etc.


Forest Soil C Sink Nordic Network
LogiNord; Sustainable logistics in Nordic fresh food supply chains
Management, design and evaluation of sustainable freight and logistics systems
Arctic char; A species under threat and with great potentials in the age of climate change (NORDCHAR)
Sustainable Primary Production in a Changing Climate
Nordic Forage Crops Genetic Resource Adaptation Network (NOFOCGRAN)
Nordic network: Climate impacts on fish, fishery industry and management in the Nordic Seas
Nordic Research Network on Animal Genetic Resources in the Adaptation to Climate Change
A Transnational Nordic Smart City Living Lab Pilot
SOCIALL - Social software for co-creation in Living Labs
A Living Labs network for user-driven innovation of ICT services