Preannouncement: Nordic Graduate Education Courses within register-based research

A new call within the Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare will be launched in the beginning of February 2017. Applications for funding of Nordic PhD education courses in the area of register-based research will be invited as specified below.

The aim of the upcoming call is to support the next generation of researchers utilising data from Nordic registers in health and welfare research, by providing high-quality education and training as well as networking platforms.

A course targeting register-based research in line with the thematic framework of the Nordic Programme on Health and Welfare may be proposed. Besides the overall goal of improving health and welfare, which involves better understanding of determinants and consequences of health and welfare inequities, aspects of the legal framework and research ethics of Nordic collaborative research based on register data might also be included.

Each application should cover a course in a single area, but multiple applications for courses covering a set of areas may be submitted by the same applicant.

Who is eligible to apply?

Project Leaders at universities and other research institutions engaged in PhD education in one of the Nordic countries are eligible to apply for funding. The Nordic countries are defined here as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Aaland Islands, Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Eligibility criteria

The PhD education course should preferentially be organised as an intensive course corresponding to a total of 10 full working days/3 ECTS (consecutive or divided into separate sessions) for PhD students and young researchers (at the PostDoc level). The course should strive to have participants from all Nordic countries. The course should make use of existing competence in the Nordic countries. Engagement of international lecturers are encouraged. It is foreseen that each course is given at least twice (e.g. two consecutive semesters or academic years). The course language is English.


  • The total budget for the call is NOK 6 000 000. The maximum applied amount is NOK 2 000 000. It is foreseen that each course is given at least twice within the proposed budget, within the time frame 2018-2020, i.e. the maximum cost for a single course occasion is 1 000 000 NOK.

A complete call for proposals will follow shortly. 

Contact information: 

Marianne Aastebøl Minge, Senior Adviser, NordForsk

Mob + 47 93 60 25 27,

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Marianne Aastebøl Minge - Senior Adviser
Contact person Marianne Aastebøl Minge
Senior Adviser
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