12 Main Challenges for Danish Knowledge Policy

The Danish Future panel recommends strategic investments in internationalisation, higher education, and knowledge sharing, and warns against detail-oriented management in Danish knowledge policy. The panel was established by the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation in May 2007, and has recently published the report “12 Challenges for Danish Knowledge Policy” (in Danish only).
 12 Main Challenges for Danish Knowledge Policy
Four Main Challenges
The Future panel’s report accentuates four main challenges: Firstly, Denmark must make a strong commitment to the internationalisation process, and focus on national strongholds. This will improve Denmark’s ability to attract and maintain research institutions and enterprises, researchers, key personnel and students. Denmark can not be world class in all fields, and this accentuates the significance of internationalisation processes, the panel report says. It is important to facilitate the circulation of students and researchers between Danish and foreign science centres and research institutions.

Secondly, the share of Danes taking higher education should be increased. If Denmark can not provide a qualified work force, attractive enterprises will settle elsewhere in a globalised world.

The Future panel also accentuates knowledge sharing: Knowledge diffusion to society should be improved and actions should be taken to enhance collaboration and mobility among industry, the public sector and the research communities.

The fourth main challenge identified by the future panel, concerns the Ministry’s management tools and warns against detail-oriented management. The managers and knowledge workers at universities, research institutions and in industry operate in a complex and constantly changing environment. The Ministry for science, technology and innovation must not unintentionally become a preserving factor that acts to maintain status quo.

Read more about the Future panel and the report “12 Challenges for Danish Knowledge Policy” (in Danish only) here.

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