12 Private Public Partnership (PPP) PhD Projects invited to contract negotiations

Concluding the evaluation of the applications submitted to the first call of the PPP (Private Public Partnership) PhD Programme, the first 12 projects have now been approved for contract negotiations.
 12 Private Public Partnership (PPP) PhD Projects invited to contract negotiations
The call for applications, which included all sectors and scientific fields, was closed November 28th 2008. The applications were evaluated by an evaluation panel consisting of 10 participants representing all Nordic countries as well as sectors, industry and academia, and different fields of specialisation. The final decision was taken by the NordForsk Board. Among the 25 eligible applications received, the following 12 projects have been invited for contract negotiations:

Lymphocyte homing to and function within the intestinal mucosa
Enterprise: Novo Nordisk AS, Denmark
University: Lund University, Sweden

Combustion visualization in large bore gas engines
Enterprise: Wärtsilä Finland Oy/Research & Development, Finland.
University: Lund University, Sweden.

Innovative ways to improve protein functionality of novel fish products
Enterprise: Apetit Oy/Apetit Kala Oy, Finland.
University: Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

Development and characterization of novel models for studying osteoclasts.
Enterprise: Nordic Bioscience AS, Bone Biology, Denmark.
University: Lund University, Sweden.

Human embryonic stem cell-derived hepatocytes as in vitro pharmacokinetic model
Enterprise: Cellartis AB, Sweden.
University: University of Oslo, Norway.

• PhD research for industrialization of thin films for fuell cell electrolytes
Enterprise: Danish Technological Institute (DTI)/Tribiology Center, Denmark.
University: Linköping University, Sweden.

Chitosan based Carriers for Photochemical Internalization in Cancer Therapy.
Enterprise: PCI Biotech AS, Norway.
University: University of Iceland, Iceland.

Combating breast cancer by digital pathology
Enterprise: Visiopharm AS, Denmark.
University: Uppsala University, Sweden.

Optimalization of a non-thermal plasma scrubber for reduction of odour emissions
Enterprise: Applied Plasma Physics AS, Norway.
University: University of Aarhus, Denmark.

An early molecular signature of diabetic nephropathy
Enterprise: Novo Nordisk AS, Dept. 477, Denmark.
University: Lund University, Sweden.

Evaluation and optimisation in scale-up of pharmaceutical production of tablets
Enterprise: Probio/Pharma and Supplements, Norway.
University: University of Southern Denmark, Denmark.

Use of technical textiles to obtain sustainable self-cleaning building surfaces
Enterprise: Danish Technological Institute/Centre for Wood and Textile, Denmark.
University: Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

The PPP PhD Programme
NordForsk PPP PhD-projects are carried out between an enterprise, a PhD student, and a university. Enterprise and university must be located in different Nordic countries. The student has supervisors from both places, and divides the time between the enterprise and the university. During the project period the PhD student will be employed by the enterprise. NordForsk will cover up to 50 % of the student’s salary as well as costs related to travelling, PhD courses etc., whereas the enterprise will cover the rest. Funding is allocated for 3–4 years, depending on the national university PhD programme requirements.

Lisa H. Ekli