14 Nordic Researchers to Receive ERC Starting Grants

14 Nordic researchers are awarded Starting Grants by the European Research Council (ERC). "We are proud of the Nordic candidates who made it through the hard international competition", says Director General of the Swedish Research Council, Pär Omling.
 14 Nordic Researchers to Receive ERC Starting Grants
Competition has
been extremely hard as the ERC received more than 9000 applications by the closing date 25 April 2007. A total of 201 European researchers will receive funding from the call budget.

Budget Increase
Due to the high demand, an additional budget is also being made available. 229 proposals are included on a so called “reserve list” and will be funded in rank order until the additional budget is exhausted. Among these are 19 proposals submitted by Nordic researchers. The NRC expects roughly 300 proposals overall to be funded.

The Nordic Grantees
Of the 14 Nordic researchers guaranteed funding, seven come from Swedish host institutions, five are Finnish while Norway and Denmark host one grantee each.

– We actually expect as many as 11 Swedish applicants to be awarded Starting Grants, eventually, says Gunnar Sandberg, Swedish National Contact Point for ERC at VINNOVA.

Pär Omling, Director General of the Swedish Research Council, comments on the reults: "Performance within basic research is strong in Sweden and the Nordic region. We are proud of the Nordic candidates who made it through the hard international competition, and will receive funding"

The Nordic grantees are (names of principal investigators):

From Sweden
Martin Olof Bergo - Sahlgrenska Center for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease, Gothenburg University
Henrik Ehrsson - Department of Clinical neuroscience Karolinska Institutet
Johan Elf - Institutionen för cell- och molekylärbiologi, Uppsala University
Fredrik Kahl - Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University
Erik Lindahl - Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Stockholm University
David Strömberg - International Economics, Stockholm University
Jonas Tallberg - Department of Political Science, Stockholm University

From Finland
Akseli Eetu Hemminki - (viral therapy in cancer treatment) University of Helsinki
Johanna Ivaska - (Cell Adhesion and Cancer) Turku Centre for Biotechnology
Taneli Kukkonen - (Subjectivity and Selfhood in the Arabic and Latin Traditions ) University of Jyväskylä
Kalle Tapio Lokki - (Telecommunication Software and Multimedia Laboratory) Helsinki University of Technology
Otso Ovaskainen - (Mathematical Biology) University of Helsinki

From Denmark
Liv Hornekær - Department of Physics and Astronomi, Aarhus University

From Norway
Stefan Leutgeb - Centre for the biology of memory, NTNU

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