“A New Deal for ERA. Lessons learnt from Nordic R&I cooperation?“ - NORDERA final seminar November 25th

What can Europe learn from the Nordic experiences on research cooperation? Can the Nordic region be a model for regional cooperation? Can Nordic experiences contribute to the realization of ERA? These questions are up for discussion at the NORDERA final seminar in Brussels November 25th.
Nordic Research and Innovation cooperation has a long-standing tradition and is based on a common identity, political will and mutual trust. With relatively small budgets, Nordic R&I cooperation has resulted in several co-funded programmes based on the common pot principle.

Nordic countries collaborate closely on research, publication rate is high and all of the Nordic countries score above world average on citation indexes. So what can we learn from the Nordic experiences?

The NORDERA project has been working on these issues since May 2009. This seminar will constitute the end of the NORDERA project, presenting the results of the research.

Plenary sessions, workshops and panel debates will ensure a thorough debate, and a final report with conclusions and recommendations will be published in December.

The seminar is free of charge!

Time and place: November 25th, 9:00-16:30 at the Hotel Metropole, Brussels

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You can register to the seminar at www.nordera.org