New Nordic Research Programme on Sustainable Urban Development and Smart Cities

New Nordic Research Programme on Sustainable Urban Development and Smart Cities

Researchers whose work is targeted towards promoting sustainable societies are invited to participate in a new Nordic research programme on sustainable urban development and smart cities. A call for proposals is expected in March 2019.

Urbanisation is a global megatrend. By 2050, two-thirds of the global population is expected to live in cities. According to UN Sustainable Development Goal 11, “Sustainable cities and communities”, cities at their best provide a platform for new ideas, science and economic as well as social development, but a high population density poses challenges to health, safety and the environment. There is a great need for new knowledge on how to make cities sustainable.  

In response to this, NordForsk has established the research programme “Sustainable Urban Development and Smart Cities”. The theme of the programme is sustainable society and smart use of modern technologies.

“A majority of the population in the Nordic region is already living in cities. If we are to develop our democracies to include all inhabitants and enable them to take active part in our democracy, we not only need new knowledge on sustainable development and city planning, but also knowledge on how to integrate all the pillars — that is the social, the environmental and the economic — in sustainable development”, says Ethel Forsberg, Director General of Forte (the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare) and chair of the programme committee. 

The growth in the Öresund Region and other border regions clearly show that the societies and regions in the Nordic countries are expanding across their national borders. 

“The programme will generate knowledge for policy development throughout the Nordic region, and it will also contribute to and be well aligned with other existing initiatives at both the national and the European level,” Forsberg states.

The content and objectives of the programme will be described in more detail in the call that is expected in March 2019.

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Contact information:

Kyösti Lempa, Senior Adviser
+47 948 86 536

Anna Herou, Senior Adviser
+47 480 63 139

Text: Iiris Tarvonen

Photo: Shane Rounce / Unsplash 

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Kyösti Lempa - Senior Adviser
Contact person Kyösti Lempa
Senior Adviser
Work +47 948 86 536
Anna Herou - Senior Adviser
Contact person Anna Herou
Senior Adviser
Work +47 480 63 139