“NordForsk gives muscles to Nordic research”

“We want to support researcher, who in 50 years will receive the Nobel prize”, NordForsk Director Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist says in an interview with the Finnish magazine Forum för ekonomi och teknikk. She emphasizes the organic nature of excellence, and underlines that NordForsk wants to fund research which is already excellent as well as research which has potential to become excellent.
”Excellence has a life cycle – it is born, develops, flourishes, and often disappears after having accomplished its mission. For NordForsk the challenge is to identify successful research, both at a mature and at an early stadium of this cycle and improve its possibilities to reach its full potential. This is important both for well established excellent research milieus, networks with big potential or new untried research talents”, she says.

Read the whole interview in Forum for ekonomi och teknik

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