”A very important resolution”

”This is a very important resolution”, was NordForsk Director Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist comment to the Nordic Prime Ministers 19 June agreement to enhance effort in research, education and innovation in the Nordic region. “I’m happy that the leaders of the Nordic countries realise the strategic importance of investments in research, and have the courage to initiate long term efforts”, the Director says.
 ”A very important resolution”
By the summer of 2008 The Nordic Council of Ministers will prepare a proposal on how to enhance excellence in research in the Nordic region. The proposal will also present strategies for the development of stronger network collaborations between National Centres of Excellence in research and between research and industry in the region. Special priority will be given to areas such as innovation, the climate, energy & environmental issues, and welfare & health research.

“NordForsk already have activities running within these subject areas, but the Nordic countries could achieve a lot more through joint efforts!”, Hakamies-Blomqvist says. “Given the aging, relatively prosperous and technology friendly populations and our excellent research communities, the Nordic region could constitute an experimentarium of global interest within health services”, the Director assesses.

The Nordic Prime Ministers decided to increase R&D efforts at the Nordic level through improved coordination of National programmes, and enhanced cooperation between the national research financiers. Hakamies-Blomqvist warmly welcomes these priorities and brings up some relevant challenges: “On behalf of NordForsk I hope this effort will reduce the obstacles we face for example when we initiate co-financed research initiatives between the Nordic countries.”