”Is there a Nordic model for societal security and safety?”

The conference ”Is there a Nordic model for societal security and safety?” will take place on 1-2 September in Oslo, Norway. The Conference will focus on societal issues of high actuality concerning unintended and intended natural and human caused events and disasters, sabotage and acts of terror.
 ”Is there a Nordic model for societal security and safety?”
Why do such things happen? How can they be prevented? What kind of reactions should be taken? What kind of organisation, rules and preparedness are needed? What degree of vulnerability is acceptable? Is it possible to attend to privacy when new surveillance technologies are put into use? What are the characteristics of the Nordic countries in this area. Are societal security and safety areas for Nordic cooperation – and if so, how? The topic of Conference concerns both national events and events in other parts of the world. Enclosed you will find the last version of the programme. Please note that a representative of the European Commission will inform about the coming call for proposals for the Security Programme.

The target groups of the Conference are researchers, public services and decision makers, organisations and industries in all the Nordic countries.

The Conference is organised by the Research Council of Norway by the Programme Board of the research programme “Societal Security and Risk – SAMRISK” and is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministeres. The programme has keynote speeches by internationally well known speakers, there will be discussion on core issues and there are parallel sessions with presentation of papers by researchers from all Nordic countries – in response to a call for papers. A special session will discuss security in the High North. The work programme for the new call for research and development proposals under ”Security Programme” of the European Commission will be presented. The Conference language is English.

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