”Nordic Globalization Barometer 2008”

Global excellence in science, human capital attraction and cluster development are key areas where Nordic cooperation can make a significant contribution, according to the The Nordic Globalization Barometer 2008. The barometer report was launched 8 April 2008 at the Nordic Prime Ministers’ first Globalisation Forum in Riksgränsen. NordForsk presents some extracts from the report, and provides the complete publication available for download.
 ”Nordic Globalization Barometer 2008”

The ongoing globalisation process may have considerable impact on the Nordic societies through changes in conditions and contexts within various areas. According to the Globalization Barometer 2008, the Nordic countries have done well under these new circumstances so far. But the barometer also indicates that competition is closing in on the region’s advantages.

Many of the necessary changes that can enable the region to meet this development, need to be done at the local level, and some in the context of the EU. Still, the barometer report identifies 6 areas that can be effectively addressed through collaboration at the Nordic level:
  • Deeper regional market integration is critical to overcome the multiple costs of small national markets
  • Global excellence in science is easier to achieve in a regional context
  • Human capital attraction is more effective if global talent gains simple access to the entire region
  • Cluster development can become more effective through stronger regional competition and collaboration among clusters
  • Articulating the economic value proposition of the Nordic region
  • A fact-driven assessment of globalisation: A consensus on key elements of globalisation at the Nordic level can contribute to more effective national policy debates

The report’s conclusions point at some key policy implications within policy areas of great importance for the future success of the region. In the field of science policy, the report’s recommendation is: “strive for global excellence in Nordic science”. – The region provides a solid scientific base and is growing its position in the global research community, the report states. But the region’s international visibility as a scientific leader is still limited.

“Intensified collaboration at the Nordic level is crucial to create a fully integrated Nordic science system. The larger size of such a system would enable more competition and specialization across institutions, raise the ability to pursue individual large scale projects jointly, and raise the attractiveness for talent.”

Download the report Global Pressure – Nordic Solutions? The Nordic Globalization Barometer 2008

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