”Nordic research collaboration must be strengthened”

“My opinion is that Nordic research collaboration should be strengthened considerably in order to build a strong platform for participation in the growing global competition", says the Icelandic Minister of Research, Þorgerður K. Gunnarsdóttir in an interview with forskning.no.
”The population in the Nordic countries makes up only 25 million of the 6 billion people in the world. It is crystal clear that the Nordic collaboration, with help from cultural identity and common values, exchange of experience and development of effective solutions in many different areas, has given us an excellent position in the international society. The Nordic countries are often found among the “top ten” in many areas. The collaboration on education and research has no doubt played a fundamental role in this development", Gunnarsdóttir says.

She underlines the important role of NordForsk in this collaboration.

”We will work to make NordForsk a power centre that can mobilise the Nordic research society and the national institutions to create effectiveness in different fields based on excellent Nordic scientific and technical knowledge. We know from experience that this is possible if we agree on the goal", she says.

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