30 percent women

New data gathered on the initiative of NorFA show that the Nordic countries are far from their ideal on gender equality when it comes to percentage of women in research.
On a commission from NorFA Susanne Lehmann Sundnes, senior advisor at the Norwegian Institute for Studies in Research and Higher Education (NIFU), has collected data showing among other things that only 30 percent of the total research staff in the Nordic countries are women.

- The theme of "women and science" has been central at a EU level these past few years. Concern about the considerable waste of human resources and institutional discrimination that prevent women from having a scientific career has lead to more focus on the situation of women in this important field, says Lehmann Sundnes.

-The Nordic countries are considered advanced regarding gender equality, but this aspect cannot be said to reflect as clearly when it comes to women‘s perticipation in research. In a European context the Nordic countries combined are at the average regarding proportion of women in the total researcher population.

The numbers show that women‘s representation varies between the various academic fields. Almost half of the researchers in medicine in the Nordic countries are women, whereas only one in five in technology are. The percentage of women‘s doctoral thesis in the Nordic countries is 40. In spite of this, it is difficult for women to reach the top in academia, as only 14 percent of professors in the Nordic countries are women.

See the data collection (in Norwegian only).
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