60 million for gender research in Sweden

The Swedish Research Council‘s initiative for Centres of Excellence in gender research has resulted in three new centres that get 20 million SEK each. The universities of Uppsala, Umeå and Linköping are the winners.
The most important criterion has been the groups‘ possibilities of becoming internationally leading. The international expert group was impressed with the applications, and decided to grant money for the following environments:

Nature/Culture Boundaries and Transgressive Encounters,
Margaretha Fahlgren, Uppsala Centre for Gender Research.

Challenging gender - a research programme at Umeå advanced gender studies,
Britta Lundgren, Umeå University

Gendering EXcellence - GEXcel: towards a European Centre of Excellence in transnational and transdisciplinary studies of changing gender relations intersectionalities and embodiment,
Nina Lykke, Linköping University.

A total of ten applications were sent in, from six universities.

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