A sparkling announcement of three new Nordic Centres of Excellence

NCoE SVALI, CRAICC and DEFROST are the three Nordic Centres of Excellence that will be funded within the Top-level Research Initiative’s sub-programme Interaction between Climate Change and the Cryosphere. “We are convinced that these NCoEs will do world class research and bring a strong added value to the Nordic research in their fields”, stated a satisfied Chair of the Programme Committee, Magnus Friberg.
 A sparkling announcement of three new Nordic Centres of Excellence
Representatives from the new Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoE) were given a warm welcome during a reception at the IPY Oslo Science Conference this afternoon, when the names of the three centres were disclosed.

Project leader for NCoE SVALI, Jon Ove Hagen, project leader for NCoE DEFROST Torben R. Christensen and Andreas Stohl for project leader Markku Kulmala and NCoE CRAICC presented the new Nordic Centres of Excellence for an enthusiastic audience of 45 people.

The Chair of the Programme Committee expressed satisfaction with the high quality of all the received applications. The research programmes were innovative and well coordinated, covering not only aspects such as sea ice, glaciers and permafrost, but also genetic response, hydrogeology and other effects of a changing cryosphere.

Focussing on the three selected centres, Friberg emphasised their ability to address timely issues of importance for understanding the climate-cryosphere interaction, meeting the intentions of the Top-level Research Initiative. “The SVALI centre focuses on the state of the glaciers, the CRAICC on the impact of aerosols and black carbon, and finally the DEFROST centre will study the changing permafrost“.

Each of the three centres presents a wide network of collaborators with partners from all the Nordic countries. The centres also have participation from other Arctic countries (USA, Canada and Russia). The NCoE programme totally involves approximately 340 researchers.

Read more about the Top-level Research Initiative and the Nordic Centres of Excellence here!

Photo: Torben R. Christensen, Magnus Friberg, Michael Andersson, Jon Ove Hagen, Caroline Leck og Andreas Stohl.

Text and photo: Lisa H. Ekli.
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