Abundance of Nordic climate solutions

"If the politicians don‘t tackle the problem of climate change, then revolution may ensue," the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Halldór Ásgrímsson, said in his closing address to Nordic Climate Solutions in Copenhagen.
 Abundance of Nordic climate solutions
"Energy and the climate are very much at the top of the Nordic political agenda," he assured delegates to the conference on Wednesday 26 November.

"These two days have shown just how much creativity and initiative Nordic companies possess. Nordic climate solutions know no borders," said the secretary general, a former prime minister of Iceland.

"It is important to seek solutions at Nordic level instead of at national level," he said, emphasising the need for a joint Nordic energy market.

Ásgrímsson also highlighted the Nordic ‘excellence in research‘ initiative as a positive way in which to promote innovation and create new solutions to energy problems. The first phase of this particular initiative focuses on the very subjects of the environment and the climate. and is designed to build a platform for closer international co-operation on the twin subjects.

"Prime Minister Reinfeldt and climate minister Hedegaard have a unique opportunity, as well as a huge responsibility, to come up with a positive agreement at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen next year," Ásgrímsson said on Wednesday.

The Swedish prime minister and the Danish climate minister met the secretary general during his visit to Nordic Climate Solutions on Tuesday, when they held a joint press conference. Reinfeldt also addressed the conference.

On the question of what exactly the Nordic countries have to offer climate work, Ásgrímsson said that the Region has shown the difference small countries can make. "Together we have made a big difference," he concluded.

The second day of the conference focused on the impact of the financial crisis on climate work, and included a lecture by the energy editor of the Financial Times.

The Nordic Council of Ministers and the Danish think tank Mandag Morgen organised the conference ‘Nordic Climate Solutions‘ in the Bella Center, Copenhagen, 25-26 November. The Nordic institutions NordForsk, Nordic Energy Research and the Nordic Innovation Centre all played important roles in the conference. The next Nordic Climate Solutions will be in Copenhagen in September 2009.

Source: www.norden.org