Acknowledged nuclear physicist awarded Erlander professorship

The well-known nuclear physicist Achim Richter is awarded this year‘s Tage Erlander professorship. "I am honored about the award. Hopefully my stay in Sweden will contribute to excellent research in the spirit of Tage Erlander", states Richter, professor of physics at the Technische Universität Darmstadt.
The Tage Erlander professorships were established in 1981 in honor of the former Swedish Prime Minister on his 80th anniversary. Internationally ackowledged Swedish or foreign researchers who are awarded the professorship have the opportunity of staying a year at a Swedish university, college or research institute.

Achim Richter is one of the world‘s most accomplished nuclear physicists. He has studied among other things the atom nucleus and its magnetic abilities. The discovery of the phenomenon of neutrons and protons collectively moving towards each other is one of the most remarkable results of nuclear physics.

Richter has been collaborating with Swedish researchers for some time, and this work will now be continued at Örebro University, Chalmers and Lund University.

"I hope to be able to contribute to the ongoing discussion on future plans for nuclear physics in a greater European perspective", says Richter.
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