Anneli Pauli to Joint Research Centre

Anneli Pauli, the Vice President for research at the Academy of Finland, has been appointed deputy director general of the EU Commission‘s Joint Research Centre in Brussels.
The JRC is a Directorate General within the EU Commission, its administration based in Brussels. The JRC comprises seven research institutes of different fields, located in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Holland and Spain. 2000 people work for the JRC and the annual budget is 300 million euros.

Anneli Pauli describes the JRC as being the European Commission‘s sector research facility. One of its main objectives is to produce research to support public decision-making, such as in consumer affairs, chemical and environmental research, and energy research.
"JRC research plays an integral role in terms of, for example, Europe‘s draft chemical legislation, REACH. Topical research subjecs at the JRC include new testing protocols to replace animal testing and research in, for example, genetically modified organisms," says Pauli.

Pauli will join the JRC in Brussels in the spring of 2007. She intends to bring along her Finnish management approaches and, from the Academy of Finland, an emphasis on quality and strategic thinking. "I also want to introduce the Academy‘s way of networking and working in extensive cooperation with different actors," Pauli says.

She has been at the Academy of Finland since 1996, and is also the vice chair of NordForsk‘s Board.