Open Call for Proposals: Citizen-Centric eGovernment Services

VINNOVA, the Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS) and the Estonian Ministry for Economic Affairs and Communications have in collaboration with NordForsk opened the second call for proposals within Citizen-Centric eGovernment Services.
Open Call for Proposals: Citizen-Centric eGovernment Services

Public administrations, businesses, research organisations and non-governmental organisations in Sweden, Iceland and Estonia are invited to submit project financing proposals.

Each project must include one representative from each of the above mentioned countries. Only representatives from these countries will be funded but representatives from all European countries are welcome in the project consortia.

The call is a result of the NordForsk funded project NORIA-net Citizens’ Services 2008-2009.

The purpose of this call is to jointly develop a prototype of new national e-government services, or to immensely improve existing e-services, based upon citizens´ and societal needs. Proposed duration of projects is 12- 36 months.

VINNOVA acts as the programme secretariat.

For more information about this call plus terms and conditions of participation, see

Opening date: May 25th 2011
Closing date for proposals: October 4th 2011
Expected project start date: January 2nd 2012


Contact persons

Madeleine Siösteen Thiel, VINNOVA
Tel: + 46 8 473 3142

Anna Bjurström, VINNOVA
Tel: + 46 8 4733089

Johan Lindberg, VINNOVA
Tel: + 46 8 473 6453

Annie Palm, VINNOVA, administrative support
Tel: + 46 8 4733037

Margrét S. Björnsdottír, University of Iceland/RANNIS
Tel: + 35 45254928

Katrin Hänni, Ministry of Economics and Communication, Estonia
Tel: + 37 26397604