Arctic Research and Globalisation on the Agenda

Arctic research and globalisation were the main topics for discussion at the meeting of the Nordic Ministers for Education and Research in Oslo on Wednesday. The report ‘Climate Change and its Consequences in the Arctic‘, organised by NordForsk, was presented at the meeting.
 Arctic Research and Globalisation on the Agenda
The Finnish Minister of Education, Sari Sarkomaa, opened the meeting by saying that education and research were important focal areas to meet the challenges of globalization.

NordForsk Report on Knowledge Gaps and Research Needs
The Norwegian Minister of Education and Research, Tora Aasland, presented a new research report from Nordforsk ‘Climate Change and its Consequences in the Arctic‘. The report identifies 13 initiatives which require concrete measures. The initiatives cover, amongst other things, the effect of climate change on the eco system.

Greenland’s representative, MP Tommy Marø, stated that he was satisfied with the report. He mentioned that the possibility of setting up a centre for climate research in Greenland in 2009 was being worked on. A centre like this would support joint Nordic ventures in this area.

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