Arvid Hallén: National system against scentific fraud urgent

Following the case in which a Norwegian scientist admitted scientific fraud the director of the Research Council of Norway Arvid Hallén states that research as a basis for decisions and new technology is more important than ever. He wants a quick establishment of the scientific fraud committee.
"The matter is very serious and I only hope that the reputation of Norwegian research nationally and internationally is not damaged. We need to examine this case very closely", stresses Hallén. The statement follows the incident two weeks ago when a Norwegian scientist admitted that he had manipulated the data that he based his results on in a study on cancer and the use of different medicines.

Hallén thinks the case shows the importance of establishing an anti-fraud committee quickly to prevent similar cases in future research.
"Research is more important than ever and research results are the base of important decisions as well as technological development and medical treatment. Researchers and research institutions have a great responsibility for quality and trust. All studies show that research manipulation is limited but we need to work permanently to prevent these cases", underlines the director.
"That is why this matter shows the importance of establishing a new national committee against scientific fraud, like the proposition made by the Research Council several years ago."
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