Asia NORIA-net presents suggestions for Nordic-Asian cooperation

The two-year project Asia NORIA-net presented the findings and suggestions of their new report on Nordic-Asian cooperation during a final seminar in Helsinki, March 2nd. “Environment and energy” and “Life sciences and technology” are two proposed focal points for future cooperation.
The aim of the Asia NORIA-net (“Nordic-Asian research funding cooperation NORIA-net”) is to identify needs and prepare a model for joint research funding activities between the Nordic countries and their Asian counterparts, focusing on China and India. In accordance with this, the NORIA-net used their final seminar to present the findings and suggestions in their report “Future prospects for Nordic-Asian cooperation”.

The studies show that research funding cooperation between the Nordic countries and China and India focuses on biosciences and natural sciences. The volume of research collaboration and researcher mobility between the Nordic countries and China is reasonably large and still growing in many fields, while in India it is still limited, but increasing.

According to the analysis, the main strength of this collaboration is the relative absence of political tension. The main weakness, on the other hand, is the absence of a common profile among the Nordic countries towards India and China, as well as limited recourses and/or funding.

The Asia NORIA-net suggests to launch a multilateral research programme on selected themes in clearly defined research fields. It is suggested that the themes for collaboration should be selected on political grounds, based on the strengths of the partners. “Environment and energy” and “Life sciences and biotechnology” are two proposed focal points for future cooperation, as these are research topics of high priority for the research council systems in the Nordic countries, as well as for India and China. Based on established cooperation projects between individual Nordic countries and India and China, clean and renewable energy, earthquake research, environmental ecology, public health, and climate research and technology are topics that the NORIA-net considers to be likely to succeed.

Read more about the Asia NORIA-net and download the report “Future prospects for Nordic-Asian cooperation” here.

Text: Lisa H. Ekli
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