Award Winning Contest: Nordic Summer University 1950-2010

The Nordic Summer University (NSU) is a long-established institution within the Nordic intellectual arena. During more than 50 years of existence it has provided a lively forum for academic and intellectual debate, and involved many leading academics, politicians, and intellectuals from all the Nordic Countries.
 Award Winning Contest: Nordic Summer University 1950-2010
The Nordic Summer University
Since 1950, NSU has actively supported the cultivation of new ideas and growing research networks in the Nordic countries. Particular attention has been paid to cross-disciplinary areas not yet targeted by larger research institutions. NSU is an independent think tank for the development of new research areas and emerging researchers. Participation takes place across academic borderlines. Career and generational divides are transcended along with institutional identity and language purity. NSU is organized as a Swedish non-profit organization, sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers (

Contest of Essays
The Nordic Summer University will celebrate its 60th anniversary soon. We would like to honor this occation by a contest of essays. The entire ad is available from the homepage of NSU.

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