Big Danish project to help dyslectics

The University of Copenhagen, the Danish Building Research Institute and several private companies are joining forces to develop technological help for dyslectics. The new products will make a great difference in the everyday life of people with dyslexia.
The project will develop ‘here and now‘ reading help. With a hand-held computer, PDA, you can photograph the text you want to read and then get the computer to read it out loud. The texts might be user manuals, invoices, customs forms etc.

Professor of linguistics at the University of Copenhagen, Carsten Elbro, says:
"Dyslectics are experiencing more and more difficulties as the amounts of information in society are growing. It is a big problem. According to the OEDC as many as 36 percent of the adult Danish population read too poorly to be able to fulfil their potential in education, work and spare time. The project will hopefully be able to better the lives of many dyslectics".

Elbro is one of the former NorFA grant holders, the predecessor of NordForsk.
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