Bleak prospects for female scientists in Eastern Europe

In a new report to the EU Commission concerning the status of female researchers in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic States it is shown how the formal gender equality of the communist regime was the subject of political censorship and suppression even in academia.
The group behind the report was chaired by professor Ene Ergma and consisted in addition of female researchers from different disciplines and sectors.

The report highlights the gender equality policies implemented during the communist regimes, including equal rights to higher education and full-time employment. These rights were supported through access to child care, legal protection and state fundings for working mothers. However, this systems also included political censorship and suppression of womens‘ movements and the freedom of speech.

The transistion has lead to a restructuring of the research systems of these countries characterised by decreases in research funding and reductions of the researcher population, which in turn puts the female researchers in a more vulnerable situation with bleak prospects.

Read the report at the EU Commission web site.
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