Bogi Hansen wins Environment Prize

Professor Bogi Hansen from the Faroe Islands will be awarded this year‘s Nordic Council Environment Prize. The theme of the prize is climate change and ajustment. Bogi Hansen‘s research is about the ocean currents‘ effect on our climate. He has been the chair of the NordForsk-supported research programme on West-Nordic Ocean Climate.
The motivation of the jury: "Bogi Hansen has been awarded the prize for his wide-ranging research into the climate and oceanography of the Nordic seas. Of particular note is his many years research into ocean currents and the risk that, for example, the Gulf Stream might alter course. In addition, he has managed to convey knowledge about climate change in a clear and enthusiastic manner which makes it readily understandable to the general public as well as scientists and politicians."

The prize of DKK 350.000 will be awarded during this year‘s Nordic Council session in Copenhagen on 1st November.
There were 27 candidates for the prize.

Read more at the Nordic Council‘s web.
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