BONUS for the Baltic Sea Science

BONUS, representing altogether 10 research funding organisations in all nine Baltic Sea states (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russian Federation and Sweden), has opened a call for multilateral research projects within the framework of the BONUS-169 Science Plan.
 BONUS for the Baltic Sea Science
Key research themes are:
1: Linking Science and Policy
2: Understanding Climate Change and Geophysical Forcing
3: Combating Eutrophication
4: Achieving Sustainable Fisheries
5: Protecting Biodiversity
6: Preventing Pollution
7: Integrating Ecosystem and Society

The BONUS EEIG launched a Call for Proposals on 17 September 2007. Total amount of funding by BONUS for this call is approximately 23,3 M euros, consisting of allocations by national funding agencies and ERA-NET Plus funding by the European Commission.

Deadline for BONUS+ Letters of Intent is 28 November 2007 (16:00 CET), and for the invited Full Proposals 14 March 2008 (16:00 CET). Submission of the Proposals is done electronically by using the Electronic Proposal Submission System for BONUS+ Call.


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