Both men and women succeed in Sweden

New data from the Swedish Research Council shows that male and female researchers have the same success rate in the years 2003 to 2005. However, in certain areas men are more successful.
In the report that the Swedish Research Council has handed over to the Swedish government, the numbers show that the success rate is fairly equal for men and women of the same age and academic field. Nevertheless, in three areas the women are less successful: The Linné grants, post doc funding for stays abroad, and within medicine.

"It is diffucult to decide whether these differences in success for women and men are merely due to differences in scientific quality, or if they are connected to subconcious assessments," says Carl Jacobsson, head of the analysis department of the research council.

"It is important to remember that we obtain good gender equality results in most funding areas," comments vice director
Gunnel Gustafsson. "The Swedish Research Council should always support research of the highest scientific quality and strengthen innovation in research. That is why we have decided that differences in success rate among men and women must be motivated in a written document," she says.